Vencer is an insurance brokerage and consulting firm built to deliver strategic counsel and actionable advice to companies facing complex risks. Vencer believes that advising clients on risk and liability is a professional service and that clients should feel our commitment to that core principle in every interaction.


Vencer’s partners have decades of board and executive experience in law, business, government, education, and nonprofits. The founders’ experiences and perspectives shaped the firm’s core philosophy and guide it in building a professional team committed to providing valuable counsel to advance clients’ business goals.


Vencer believes that its success flows naturally from offering a higher caliber of advice, focusing on clients’ larger goals, and reducing threats, costs, and frustration.


Vencer’s industry-leading technology increases efficiency and transparency, while reducing the work required of clients. Traditionally, insurance brokerages are characterized by disorganized processes, reliance on paper documents, poor communication of complex concepts, gratuitous jargon, and aversion to change.


Vencer was built to be different. Vencer’s platform of integrated and secure cloud-based client portals simplify communication, transactions, applications, and signatures, and they give clients 24/7 access to Vencer and to clients’ important documents. Vencer’s commitment to efficiency leaves more time for what really matters – personal, professional counsel focused on advancing clients’ goals.


“Vencer is much more than our broker. We are a contractor in a high-risk field and need help avoiding liability in contracts drafted by our clients. Vencer plays a critical role by revising liability and insurance provisions in our contracts to ensure we are protected. When needed, they jump into contract negotiations directly with our clients. Vencer saves us in legal fees and future liability costs from improperly written contracts.”
Katherine Miluski, President, Compaction Grouting Services, Inc.